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guinea pigs

Shower Time

guinea pigs shower - 7404438784
Created by Unknown

I'll Love You if You're a Bald Guinea Pig or a Baby Hippo!

Babies hippos guinea pigs bald cute funny - 7997877760
Created by Unknown

Squee Spree: Cavy Puppy

Babies guinea pigs puppies squee spree squee - 6788644864
Via Baby Animal Guide

Boo! The giant miniature space guinea pig!

reader squee pets guinea pigs squee - 7048359168
Created by Ralph877


Babies baby guinea pig guinea pigs pun seeing double siblings squee spree twins two - 5196861440
Created by Unknown

The Way to Every Guinea Pig's Heart

cute carrots guinea pigs - 8194429696
Created by anselmbe

Frisky Just Found His New Favorite Vegetable!

cute carrots delicious guinea pigs - 7913609984
Created by Unknown

Reader Squees: World Heavyweight Champigs

guinea pigs pets reader squees ring - 6100218112
Created by Paula


Babies baby contest feeding guinea pig guinea pigs mother nomming noms nursing squee spree winner winners - 5195592448
Created by Unknown

My New Office Assistant Works for Carrots

guinea pigs cute - 8043290880
Created by Unknown

Reader Squees: Best Buds

BFFs friends guinea pigs pets reader squees - 6190111744
Created by Desilu


guinea pig guinea pigs handful Harry Potter namesake reader squees - 5643421440
Created by Kelsey

Reader Squees: Squeaky Clean

bath bathing clean guinea pig guinea pigs reader squees wet - 6056265216
Created by amazinglucy

Holiday Reader Squee: It's a Piggy Christmas!

christmas reader squee guinea pigs squee holidays - 6869819392
Created by nursedenak


bed guinea pig guinea pigs Hall of Fame reader squees relaxing shape sleeping - 5148712448
Created by cathjones87

Reader Squee: Charlie and Linus Enjoying Lunch

reader squee pets guinea pigs food squee - 7054847232
Created by Natalie