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Still Figuring Out How to Use These Legs

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Squee Spree: Jumping for Joy

baby goats jumping kids squee spree winner - 6544894208
Via Zoo Basel

Something's Wrong With My Noms

bunny food goats hay noms sharing snack - 4258909184
Created by sixonefive72

Just a Couple of Kids, Kidding Around

cute baby animals baby goats kidding around
Via Camensmasher
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Did You Think Stampedes Could be so Cute?

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Goat on a Hippo

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Reader Squee: Sheldon's Munchies

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Created by Unknown
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Don't Give Me no Sass!

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That Happy Goat Needs a Nuzzle

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We Love Spring...and Each Other!

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Watch This Adorable Baby Goat Try to Get His Mom to Play

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Baby Goat With Big Lungs

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Nothing Will Make You Want To Change Clothes And Relax More Than These Baby Goats In Pajamas

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Do I Look Like a Mountain Goat to You?

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