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acting like animals awesome behavior dinner food Hall of Fame leopard meat no1curr noms rat sharing stealing thief unusual - 5209438464
Created by Unknown
Cats cute cooking food Video - 78025473

The Best Way to Make Fluffy Japanese Omelette Rice is to Have a Purrfect Sous Chef

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Koi Feeding Frenzy

goldfish koi pond food fish feeding squee - 6684320000
Via All Creatures

The Office Kitchen During Lunch

gifs critters lunch mice food - 8279805184
Created by Unknown

Trust Me, Santa Said I Could Have One

christmas cute food cookies mouse - 8406142720
Via Nehama Verter

Lower, Please

bunny feed food greens hand rabbit snack - 6133733888
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squirrel food noms apple squee - 6723391744
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wolves watermelon food squee fruit wolf - 6613539072
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Reader Squee: Food is Not a Bed!

bed bunny food happy bunday pet rabbit reader squee - 6280354816
Created by Pam Casey

Do I Detect a Hint of Ginger?

chewing critique food gifs nomming noms subtle tasting - 4847724800
Created by Unknown


baby contest eating food nom nomming noms prairie dog squee spree winner - 5038807552
Created by Unknown

Wait There's Still Some Left!

gifs penguins cute food eating - 8370182656
Via biomorphosis.tumblr.com

Have a Bottle and Celebrate Wombat Day!

bottle cute Wombat food - 8355988736
Via liaw


acting like animals awesome elephant food meme noms stealing trunk your argument is invalid - 4137370880
Created by Unknown

So Close, and Yet So Far...

attempting cant FAIL food gifs jealous jealousy nomming noms Reach thumbs tortoise - 5069654784
Created by Unknown
vine hamster food eating squee - 77201153

Nom Noms

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