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Squee Spree: Penguin vs. Emu

versus face off bird emu squee spree penguin squee - 6749067776

Squee Spree: Curious Emu is Curious

baby camera chick closeup curious emu examining head lens squee spree winner - 5764106752
Via Dan Booty
baby walking emu Video - 52258817

Baby Emus Learns to Walk

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bath bathing do want emu neck reader squees scratches water - 4893142272
Created by kanng86


baby competition contest emu emus Owl owls poll squee spree - 4448929024

Squee Spree: Four of a Kind!

Babies baby emu emus four hand poker squee spree - 5770372096
Via Larry Rothfeder

Squee Spree: Oh Hey, I'm No Longer an Egg!

baby emu hatchling squee spree tiny - 5779871488
Via Mark Snelson

Squee Spree: No Kind of Straw Man Argument Here

baby emu lolwut squee spree straw - 5768749568
Via Fiddlepix

Emu Chicks

baby chicks emu - 7383997952
Via Zooborns

Squee Spree: Papa Emu's E-Crew!

Babies baby children emu emus Father posse squee spree - 5775170304
Via Robyn Harris

Squee Spree: Emus Vs. Ostriches!

Babies baby chick chicks contest emu emus ostrich ostriches poll squee spree - 5747628800