Daily Squee


Big Noms Little Sloth

melon baby Fluffy food noms claws squee sloth - 6687446272
Via Addelburgh

Squee Spree: Baby Squeeverine

baby claws Fluffy paws squee spree wolverine - 6563807744
Via Skansen

Here Comes a Sloth

gifs crawling claws squee sloth - 6997375744
Created by Unknown

Whatsit: Teddy Bear with Claws

whatsit teddy bear Fluffy sloth anteater claws climbing - 6656652032
Via Danielle

Blind as a Mole

claws dirt fur mole - 4398283264
Created by Mark11779

I'm At My Post

baby black and white claws floofy post - 6359569920
Via Addelburgh

Time to Trim My Nails

claws foot mouse - 5904985088
Created by kdreptiles

Creepicute: Aye Aye

black claws creepicute floofy lemur - 4258987008
Created by sixonefive72

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

claws furry Hall of Fame hand hugs love sloth squee - 6279836672
Via LOL Creatures

Creepicute: Crabby Crabs

crustacean crab beach creepicute sand shell claws - 6997350656
Via Wikipedia

Squee Spree: Fishing Cats Gonna Fish

fierce wet fishing fishing cats fish claws squee spree squee - 6997317632
Via Smithsonian National Zoo


acting like animals claws cub cubs fighting lie lion lions lying playing prank - 4988197632
Created by Unknown

Back Off I'm Sleeping

claws cub dirt ground lion nap paw sleep - 6031964416
Via Animal Blog


acting like animals advantage bear bears claws duck duck duck goose game goose imagination non sequitur playing playtime polar bear polar bears - 4375828736
Created by Unknown

Whatsit Wednesday: Pocket Warmer

badger claws hand hands paws skunks sleeping squee whatsit - 5921450752
Via Just Call Me Lynn

Stone Marten Visit

claws face nose paw - 5911651584
Via Just Call Me Lynn