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Golden Brushtail Bundle

blanket possum - 5967631360
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Interspecies Love: The Best Way to BUNdle Up

best blanket bundle bunny cuddling friends friendship Interspecies Love puppy rabbit sleeping - 5869969152
Via LLBwwb

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

Gif of a bird that wants that fabric.
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Reader Squee: Jasper Jax

blanket ferret pet reader squee stuffed animals - 4265410048
Created by ash319


blanket kitten sleepy - 3843529984
Created by Unknown

This Blanket is so Soft, I Can Barely Feel it!

jaguar gifs cute cubs blanket - 8284245504
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puppies cute blanket the pet collective Operation Aww - 54898177

Feeling Blue? This Will Cheer You Up!

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baby blanket cuddling fuzzy happy Joey snug squee spree swaddled Tasmanian Devil warm - 5530747392
Created by Unknown

Bunday: Fluffy Friends

blanket bunny Fluffy hamster happy bunday rabbit squee - 6535523072
Via Bunnzies

Reader Squee: Smug Snug Life

reader squee comfy chihuahua blanket snug - 6845685504
Created by Limizuki
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