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Feeling Blue? This Will Cheer You Up!

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Reader Squee: The Best Way to Go to the Vet

Bunday bunnies reader squee blanket squee rabbits - 7006762496
By Erin

Pig in a Blanket

baby blanket Hall of Fame happy literalism pig piglet pun sleeping - 5734737408
Via The Daily Cute

Say Cheeeese!

squee sloth blanket smile baby - 6699456512
By Unknown

Bunday: Snow White

blanket bunny happy bunday snow white - 6329071360
Via Addelburgh


adorable baby blanket blankets cat cuddling hiding kitten pun reader squees under - 5349558528
By slferguson88

Reader Squee: Jasper Jax

blanket ferret pet reader squee stuffed animals - 4265410048
By ash319

Reader Squee: Smug Snug Life

reader squee comfy chihuahua blanket snug - 6845685504
By Limizuki

Reader Squees: Couch Time With Spectre

blanket couch pet puppy reader squees - 6022804480
By Megann

Bunday: Share the Blanket!

blanket Bunday bunny nibble white yarn - 5917287680
Via llbwwb.tumblr.com

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

Gif of a bird that wants that fabric.
Via Google

All Tucked In

blanket bunny carrot happy bunday Pillow sleep - 5934577920
Via Arborath

Reader Squees: Lovely Luma

blanket hedgehog house pet reader squees - 6038142208
By posh_corgi

A Very Tired Sloth

yawn baby lazy tired sloths blanket squee - 6629047552
By sixonefive72


baby blanket gifs nap nap time napping perfect stuffed animal tiger - 4930296064
By Unknown

A Li'l Snack

blanket bunny eat grass leaf - 6013873152
Via Just Call Me Lynn
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