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Interspecies Love: What's Good For the Goose is Good for the Kitty?

duck birds Interspecies Love goose cuddles Cats squee - 7013944576
Via F%#& Yeah Interspecies Friendships

A Proud Papa Gives His New Baby a Little Peck

Babies birds KISS cute parents - 8185229824
Via zakali2

Cygnets With Attitude

Babies birds cygnets swans ugly duckling squee - 6795549440
Via Matt Cardy

I'm Watching You

birds peacocks feathers beautiful - 8087868416
Created by ani.s4 ( Via www.pinterest.com )

Teamwork at its Finest

drink birds water cute teamwork - 8002638592

Love Birds

birds colorful cuddle Hall of Fame heart love snuggle - 4408345088
Created by Jolien
birds cuddles Video animals - 78006529

Toucan Cuddles Are Perfect For Your Lap

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Who? Who Said That?

big eyes birds branch branches eyes Hall of Fame Owl owls squee startled who - 6149967616
Via 123Zero

Cuddling Winter Fowl

birds snow baby birds winter - 7841346048
Created by sixonefive72

Black Baby Swan

swan baby birds black swan cygnet ugly duckling eating squee - 6599808512
Via Adamec


acting like animals advantage bird birds flying leaving - 5179078656

What Do you Mean 'Smile'? I am Smiling...

Babies birds so cute - 8096395264

Just Chillin'

birds owls funny - 7797737216
Created by sixonefive72

Squee Spree: Snowy Owl vs. Swan

birds face off snowy owl squee spree swan versus - 6479061248


bird birds chicks doing it wrong FAIL nesting - 4542997248

Cleaning Up

cleaning birds - 7405347328
Created by sixonefive72