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Watch These Swaddled Bat Cuties Munch on a Banana

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These Babies are Still Working on Their Hanging Skills

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Look at these Soft and Fluffy Honduran White Bats

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Bats of a Feather...

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scientists just discovered that bats can use echolocation to find hiding prey

Bats Use Leaves As Mirrors To Find Camouflaged Insects

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Bats Getting Brushed

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Squee Spree: Super Stretch!

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So Cute They'll Drive You Batty

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Bat's Flying And Feeding in Slow Motion

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A Baby Bat Hugs His Mom When They Reunite Just Before She Scoops Him Up and Carries Him Home

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Squee Spree: I'm All Ears

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Squee Spree: Teeny Batty Meal

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Orphan Bats

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