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Bat Testing Out Their Ears

funny GIF of a cute bat testing out the retraction and popping back up of his furry little ears.
Created by anselmbe


baby bats blankets bundle Hall of Fame squee wrapped up - 4351211776
Created by wedschilde

A Bat and His Teddy

teddy bear bats hug - 7701659392
Via Oakland Zoo

So Cute They'll Drive You Batty

bats cute - 8482769664
See all captions Created by MSchreff
acting like animals amazing awesome bat bats explanation flying research science slow motion Video - 10571265


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orphan bats Video - 53067009

Orphan Bats

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Squee Spree: Teeny Batty Meal

baby bats feed hand squee spree tiny - 6203509248
Via World Zoo Today

Bat's Flying And Feeding in Slow Motion

gifs bats critters tongue funny - 7438857472
Created by Unknown
kitten toys bats cute Video the pet collective Operation Aww - 55459585

These Kittens are Going Bat Crazy

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Holy Baby Bat Burritos Batman!

blankets cute bats zoo - 8391194368
Via Wakaleo Animal Channel

Bats Getting Brushed

Created by Unknown

These Babies are Still Working on Their Hanging Skills

Babies learning bats fingers cute hands - 8009408512
Created by Unknown
scientists just discovered that bats can use echolocation to find hiding prey

Bats Use Leaves As Mirrors To Find Camouflaged Insects

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Bats of a Feather...

adage bat bats clarification clinging family feather idiom literalism pun stick together togetherness - 5716803328
Via All Creatures


Babies baby bat bats blanket blankets covered orphaned rescued swaddled towel towels unbearably squee warm - 5440812288
Created by Unknown

Look at these Soft and Fluffy Honduran White Bats

bats - 7765399808
Created by Unknown
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