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Welcome to the Bush!

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It's A Little Chilly Down Under

koala sweater australia marsupial climbing squee - 6359605248
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Bilby Australian Easter bunny

This Strange Creature Is Australia's Answer to the Easter Bunny

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baby australia koalas koala squee rescue - 821509

It's Hard Not to Fall in Love With This Itty Bitty Rescued Koala

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BFFs T. Swift and Blake Lively Added Adorable Kanagroo-Selfies to Their Aussie Squad Goals

cute animal photo Taylor Swift and Blake Lively take selfies with kangaroo while in australia
Via @taylorswift & @blakelively

Squee Spree: Wombat Winner

australia marsupial squee spree winner Wombat - 6450677760
Via Mike'n'Gail Bottomley
adorable australia native bilby

Meet Australia's Very Own Easter Bunny, The Greater Bilby!

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Squee Spree: Quokka vs. Koala

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Squeeful Christmas!

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Via Lorinda Taylor/Taronga Zoo

Two Tiny Meerkat Pups Get Their First Taste of the Outdoors

cute baby animals meerkat pups at taronga zoo have first day outside
Via Taronga Zoo
australia koalas cute - 58360321

G'Day Lil' Koala! Wanna Climb a Tree?

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Squee Over Australia's Wildly Cute Gift to the Royal Baby!

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Baby Koala Needs a Nuzzle

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A Man Selling His Koala Makes the Best Craigslist Post Ever

Screenshot of the best Craigslist post ever of a guy who is trying to honestly sell his Koala with excellent description of the experience. Once he is in water he is fine getting him into the water is the challenge he will scratch you, he will bite you and you will bleed
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This Week's Squee Spree Winner: The Echidna

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