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Whatsit: Creature from the Green Lagoon

amphibian green lake lizard lizards turtles water wet whatsit wednesday - 6316985088
Created by GalderGollum

Supreme Chubby Frog

amphibian branch chubby frog green squee tree - 6359576064
Via 123ZERO

Slimy Smile

amphibian slimy smile spots - 6383650816
Created by GalderGollum


acorn acting like animals amphibian ashamed contradiction dangling frog - 4556125952

Yeah, I See You...

amphibian big eyes Flower flowers frog frogs Hall of Fame petals squee tiny - 4292198144

Creepicute: Axolotl or Alien?

amphibian amphibians antennae axolotl creepicute Hall of Fame squee strange - 6310759936

Just Try to Amuse Me

amphibian frog serious stern toad - 5878468608
Via Animals Talking in All Caps

Reader Squee: Beautiful Oddity

amphibian axolotl creepicute pet reader squee - 6564663296
Created by CaptainCassie

Creepicute: See-Through Frog

amphibian clear creepicute frog leaf leaf. squee - 6565644288
Via Thebrainbr

Friendly Frog

amphibian friendly frog Hall of Fame smile - 6307520256

Hanging On

amphibian climbing Flower frog hanging plant - 6337297152
Created by GalderGollum

Come In! I've Just Put the Kettle on!

amphibian frog Hall of Fame house plant - 5874680320
Via 123zero.tumblr.com

Whatsit: Flat Turtle

amphibian reptile whatsit tortoise turtle Whatsit Wedneday squee - 6975364096
Via David Emmett / CI Cambodia

I Love You Thumb

frog tree frog thumb amphibian - 6392152320
Created by GalderGollum

Turtle Remote

amphibian baby shell squee tiny turtle - 6352690944