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Bunday bunny happy happy bunday snooty - 5055748096
Created by Unknown

Bunday: Pocket Bun

Bunday baby pocket rabbit bunny - 6795981568
Via KidsKidsKids

Reader Squee: Teddy the Scarf-Nibbler

scarf Bunday nibble reader squee pets rabbit bunny squee - 6985345280
Created by warpstalker

Reader Squee: Rabbit Ball!

Bunday reader squee pet rabbit bunny squee - 6769640704
Created by Karen

Bunday: King of the Log

Bunday lop ears log rabbit bunny squee - 6965165824
Via *SnowPoring


Bunday bunny carrot eating happy happy bunday nomming noms pun rabbit - 4978428416
Created by Unknown

Bunday: What do you want?

Bunday sniffing close up noms rabbit bunny whiskers - 7004270592
Via Claudia Lee


ä baby Bunday bunny happy happy bunday nomming noms rabbit suggestion - 4636242944
Created by Unknown

Bunday: Einstein Bunny

Bunday floofy einstein rabbit bunny - 7004303104
Via The Daily Bunny

Bunday: Rabbit in Disguise

Bunday costume bunny ears rabbit bunny squee - 6878332928
Via Lovely Lops

Bunday: Share the Blanket!

blanket Bunday bunny nibble white yarn - 5917287680
Via llbwwb.tumblr.com

Bunday: Sniff! Sniff!

Bunday gifs happy bunday sniffing rabbit bunny squee - 6730192640
Via Lovely Lops

Bunday: Nope! It's Sleep Time Now

Bunday gifs roll rabbit flop bunny squee sleepy - 7046797312
Created by durshley

Reader Squee: Rufus

Bunday reader squee pet rabbit bunny squee - 6832543232
Created by Rebecca

Bunday: Bunny Patch

Bunday Babies bunny squee rabbits - 7140972288
Via Jose Rodriguez


acting like animals bed best ever Bunday bunny happy bunday napping naps nomming noms rabbit salad show sleeping - 4782181376
Created by Unknown