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I Forgot How to Dog

wtf neck funny - 7734756352
Via Tumblr

Are Those... Fish?

fish gifs jump ocean water wave wtf - 6576165376

Muffin Tops

gifs wtf food Cats - 6707984896

Did That Tree Just Fly?

trees wtf birds gifs - 8206820608

Nom. Nooaah. Ahhh. AHHHHHHHH

best of the week carry crazy fly frog frogs gifs Hall of Fame no nom wtf - 6091302144

He's Conducting The Symphony Before His Meal

wtf gifs Cats - 8316762880
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gifs goat goats handstand trick walk WoW wtf - 6335136256

Oh Peanut Butter, You Crazy

ferret peanut butter wtf - 5796044288

Betwixt the Sheets

bed cat crawl weird wtf - 6040524288

Do Any of Us Really Know What We're Doing?

gifs drive wtf weird i have no idea what im doing - 6865978112

Now, Look Carefully...

cat eyes pounce stare wtf - 5854940160

Leeky Cat

cat cats are weird pet wtf - 6009392128

Laser Cat

gifs cat wtf eyes laser - 6865984256

Sitting and Waiting

Cats gifs human-like sit sitting wait watch wtf - 6580442624


crocodile fly weird wtf - 5888597248

No Place as Relaxing as a Bath

Cute gif of cats playing and swimming in the water of a bathtub.