Animal Gifs


Are Those... Fish?

fish gifs jump ocean water wave wtf - 6576165376
Created by Unknown

A Little Hot Tub Time With My Baby

monkeys gifs water apes - 8390112768
Created by cataff ( Via Youtube )

The Grace of a Turtle's Dive

gifs water turtles fall - 8185303552
Created by Unknown

Here! Let Me Help You With That!

gifs scuba water ocean help - 6958200576
Created by Unknown

One Wet Sloth Gets Back to The Beach

gifs water critters sloths funny - 7427205888
Via Youtube

Best Roommate I've Ever Had

gifs water dishes Cats - 8372091392
Created by Chris10a

Swimming With Gators

black and white swim tumblr water - 6227234048
Created by Unknown

Glass Of Water is a Difficult Concept

gifs water ferrets glasses - 8439426816
Via GIFS Boom

What a Hoser

Thirsty Camel drinking out of a garden hose.
Created by Unknown

Adventure Buddies!

adventure chimp friend friends gifs jump water - 6469255168
Created by Unknown

Fishy Friend

gifs interspecies water curious fish - 6591457536
Created by Unknown

Some Dogs Just Don't Know When to Stop Digging

bath dig gifs funny water - 7975470080
Created by Unknown

Paw Tap!

gifs hands hold ocean otter paws water - 6596154112
Created by Unknown

This is Good Enough! I'm Clean!

float clean water bath cute hedgehog - 7878217216
Created by Unknown

Diving Jaguar

gifs water critters cute - 8486315520
Created by anselmbe

Solo Synchronized Swimming Champ

exercise handstand polar bear swim swimming water - 6154331648
Created by Unknown