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Watch Me be a Dolphin, Mom!

Babies hippo swimming - 8220570624
Via love_the_heat

It's Cold in There

polar bear swimming pool - 7755561984
Created by Unknown

First Time Off the High Dive

gifs summer penguins swimming - 8298815232
Via Google

Time for a Swim

gifs ducklings ducks swimming - 7825043712
Created by Unknown

I Could Not be More Ready for This

gifs summer swimming - 8267588352
Via pandafeed

Going Nowhere Fast

swimming funny - 7685379584
Created by conans

Preparing to Dive

gifs swimming shiba inus - 8402535424
Created by Unknown

I Can Swimming!

swimming funny - 7607647232
Created by Unknown

Did I Smell Some White Plastic Balls?

hippos gifs pool swimming - 8242614016
Via eblogx

Playful dolphin

Via Reddit

A Classic, Now With Text

bump derp FAIL gifs glass swimming - 6091301632
Created by Unknown

Come Here, Little Baby

lions gifs critters cute swimming pool - 8554656256
Created by anselmbe

This is the Only Way Stripey can Catch his Food by Surprise

gif tigers swimming surprise Cats - 7876317440
Created by Unknown

Am I Flying?

so cute puppies swimming flying - 8063119616
Created by Unknown

Do A Barrel Roll!

bath baths flip gifs hedgehog hedgehogs roll swim swimming water - 6256802048
Created by Unknown

Onward to Glory, Mighty Steed!

gifs puppies ride swimming - 7962220544
Created by Unknown
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