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Walk tall, and carry a big stick. Whether for walking or for "talking", it will get the job done. Just don't lean to heavily on these, you don't want to get into the stick of it. Enjoy these woody puns and jokes to keep you content all day.

Wiggly Squishy Feets

caterpillar crawl feet gifs insect stick - 6516572160
Via Head Like An Orange

This Bear Will Mess You Up

stick bear funny - 7518834176
Created by Unknown

Why... Won't... It... Budge...

gifs tree stick bite pull play - 6674555904
Created by Unknown

The Bear and the Bowstaff

bear bears exercise gifs stick sticks swing - 5908273152
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Didn't Quite Think This Through

stick gifs fence stuck log wood - 6818376704
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What a Talented Chicken

arms chicken hands head play stick sweater wtf - 6475163136
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