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Babbyyyy, I can give you a kiss from Seal if you have enough money ;).  Or was it a seal? Whether you're looking for the international superstar crooner or the adorable aquatic acrobat, you'll find all that and more to get your fill of puns humor and memes all about Seal...s.

Feeding Sea Animals

sea pelicans seal funny - 8545119232
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Squee Seal

seal cute - 7494219520
Via Tastefully Offensive

Meeting New Friends is Fun

gifs interspecies seal friends - 6991771136

I Don't Think They're Playing Tag

gif seal chase beach penguin - 7797432064

Seals In The Ice

cold ice ocean seal tumblr - 5807475712

And He's Off

seal cute running - 7601236992

You Guys Got Me a Full Bucket of Fish?

seal cute surprise fish - 7569285632
Via Bunnyfood

Oh, So THATS My Fin

baby cute seal squee - 6331398912
Via Head Like An Orange


cold lazy ocean roll seal snow - 5802394880

What? What is It?

arctic ice polar bear seal sneaky SOON - 5680731904

This is the Weirdest Cinemagraph I've Seen in a Long Time

gifs wtf seal ocean cinemagraph - 6748364800
Via Head Like An Orange

Seal waves back to human

Via Reddit

Getting Up for Work

gifs lazy tired work seal funny - 8150860288
Via butlercat

Playful Seal

seal cute - 7565882624
Via Tastefully Offensive

Boing boing boing

Via Reddit

Tag, You're It

ocean orca seal tag - 5680588800
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