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sad but true

OHIM Comes Before TGIF

sick truth gifs sad but true mondays Cats - 8564850944
Created by Philippa2

Kitty Remembers The Stupid Thing You Did Just Yesterday

gifs sad but true reactions Cats - 8431767296
Created by anselmbe

Snug Fit

Funny GIF of bull dog trying to get into a box like certain people put on pants that don't fit.
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Am I Even A Dog?!

gifs sad but true - 8458827776
Created by ToolBee

When You Really Just Can't Face Another Monday!

gifs sad but true mondays Cats - 8423502080
Created by mamawalker

Raccoon Learns The Hard Way About Combining Cotton Candy With Water

gifs water sad but true critters raccoons - 8425895424
Via I Raff I Ruse

The Dark Side of The Slow Loris

Via Senor GIF

When You Are Parted From Your Best Friend

gifs friends sad but true - 8419385600
Created by Unknown

One Reason The Rhino is Endangered

whoops FAIL gifs sad but true rhinos - 8503126784
Created by Unknown