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Where Did The Horse Go?

gifs critters pugs TV horses - 8300530688
Created by ToolBee

Chicken Pot Pie is Delicious

gifs pugs nom nom nom - 7395550976
Created by catanddog725

Hey Buddy, Just Got Home Late From Work...

gifs critters pugs - 8365257472
Via Bing


gifs pugs - 7055609600

Cool Dawg

sunglasses gifs pugs - 7094254848
Created by catanddog725

I Refuse Your Human Kisses

gifs kisses critters cute pugs - 8447758592

This Pug is Having a Ball

gifs pugs - 8377478400
Created by anselmbe

Pugs in a Tub

gifs puppies pugs - 7241000704

Animal Gifs: You Gonna Come Out And Apologize Now?

hide hiding human-like pug pugs Sad sorry standing wall - 6032243200

Sleepy Pals

gifs tired friends eyes pugs - 6991691264


Funny GIF of pugs all confused and turning their heads sideways in puzzlement.
Created by catanddog725

Who's a Happy Dog?

gifs pugs - 8399383808
Via d0g bl0g

This is My Bed

Babies gifs pugs beds - 8440345856
Created by beernbiccies

One Fierce Pug

gifs puppies pugs - 8376189952

Get It, Dog

wtf gifs pugs - 8565511680
Via GIFs Show

Next Time I'm Taking The Stairs

gifs pugs slides - 8420494080
Created by beernbiccies
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