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Owls Have No Concept of Ownership So Your Roof is a Good Place to Dump On

poop gifs critters owls - 8168087552
Via Bing

What a Majestic -- Eeeeeeeeeeeew

GIF of a massive shark being watched by a group of caged divers, as they enjoy the magnificent creature, it gives out a cloud of poop with an encore about a second later. GO NATURE!

Foul on the Field

baseball field grass gross poop rude - 6529093632

You Might Want an Umbrella

gifs poop birds seagulls gull - 6727097600

The Eagle Has Landed

poop eagles gifs gross critters - 8517292544
Created by rupumped

Such Majestic Creatures

gifs poop cheetah car gross Cats wild - 6745123328