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Lone Jelly

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Via Head Like An Orange

A Dog Living the Dream

dolphin gifs ocean swim water - 6507935744

High Five Under The Sea

high five ocean sea sea turtles turtle - 5659654656

The Perils of Being a Fisherman

gifs birds run ocean food fish - 6980782080

Hitchin' A Ride

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gifs mouth ocean walrus water weird wtf - 6469247744

Fantastical Things Swim in the Deep

eel gifs ocean swim water what is it wtf - 6591462656
Videographer dives with blue sharks for five hours and gets an incredible look at them underneath the ocean surface

Videographer Spends 5 Hours Up Close And Persona With Blue Sharks

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What a Majestic -- Eeeeeeeeeeeew

GIF of a massive shark being watched by a group of caged divers, as they enjoy the magnificent creature, it gives out a cloud of poop with an encore about a second later. GO NATURE!

Geoduck! (Pronounced Gooey-duck)

ocean wtf weird beach tube gifs - 6642492672

Storm Chaser Birds

bird danger fly gifs ocean tumblr - 6124009472
Via Head Like An Orange

Blue Ribbon Eel Swimming

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Om Nom Dugong Nom

dig food ocean sand water - 6320352512

Take that, Bird

bird ocean tail whack whale - 5680746240

I Did It! OOMPH.

baby ocean sea turtle turtle wave - 6310678272

Swimming With Sharks

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