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Time to Switch From Using a Mouse to a Different Rodent

gifs puns critters mice - 8411658496
Created by anselmbe

DJ Mice In The House

GIF of animated mice on a record player like they are a DJ
Via Bing

Playing Dead Never Worked Out So Perfectly!

gifs mice Cats animals - 8094586368
Created by Unknown

Sometimes You Just Have to Think Outside the Box...

Funny GIF of a cute little mouse running circles around his running wheel, which is not the way you are supposed to use it, but certainly gets the job done.
Created by beernbiccies


gifs chess mice rodents - 8252018432
Via Bing

House Mice

critters gifs mice - 8203570176
Via Tastefully Offensive

Wait, What!?

gif surprise mice - 7844876544
Created by Unknown

Um...Now What?

Cats confused gifs hunting mice - 8275122688
Via antimole

The Office Kitchen During Lunch

gifs critters lunch mice food - 8279805184
Created by Unknown

Mouse Rings The Doorbell

doors gifs mice - 8274963200
Created by Unknown

How Do You Catch The Virtual Mouse?!

ipads gifs mice Cats - 8412458240
Created by mamawalker

Baby Mouse Eats a Flower

critters flowers gifs mice - 8248873728
Created by Unknown

Cat And Mouse Games

gifs puns mice Cats - 8468057600
Created by Unknown

I Have No Idea

gifs mice Cats - 8462625536
Created by Unknown

The First Pet-Powered Battery Charger

gifs mice - 8133107968
Via Lawebloca,