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Discretion is the Better Part of Valour

kitten gifs hedgehogs Cats funny - 8058108672
Created by beernbiccies

Let Me Just Herp-Derp My Way Outta Here

kitten funny - 8492703232
Created by anselmbe

Kitten Savours His Sippings

drinking gifs kitten cute Cats - 8557324800
Created by ToolBee

Kitten Wiper Wipeout!

kitten gifs funny - 8126001408
Via The Frogman


kitten Cats - 7720480512

Have You Ever had a Day Like This?

gif kitten slip cute - 7856292864

It's Always Sunny in Philacatia

Awkward boots cat kitten shoes - 5939156736

You Don't Expect Me to Walk All The Way to My Litter Box, Do You?

gifs kitten cute Cats - 8352677632
Created by Chris10a

Synchronized Squishfaces

gifs kitten head stare synchronized watch play ugly Cats - 6984116736

What's Back Here?

gif cat kitten - 7783796992

Restless Paw Syndrom

Cats kitten gifs - 8459201792
Created by anselmbe

It Came From the Cushions

couch sofa kitten Cats gifs - 6683885824

Help! It's too far!

gif kitten hanging cute Cats - 7852891136

Horizontal Treadmill

best of the week cat classic gifs Hall of Fame kitten Pillow run spin - 5934521088

Kittens and Cream

kitten gifs cute ice cream - 8276870144
Created by ani.s4 ( Via )

He's So Cute. The Kitten's Cute, Too

gifs kitten cute animals - 8574094592
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Kyoot Animals )