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gifs of cat pranks

The Best Cat Pranks Ever (10 Gifs)

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Now That's a Real Sheep Dog!

baby cute bottle gifs lamb feed - 7957019648
Created by beernbiccies

Where be Me Pot o' Gold?

kitten gifs cute Cats - 8106243072
Created by Unknown
dolphin bobbing in the blue water

10 Delightful Dolphin GIFs

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Cat Got Spooked

Funny GIF of a cat that got spooked from his own reflection.
Created by Unknown

This is Some Strong Coffee!

coffee gifs porcupines spinning - 7938266112
Created by Unknown

Animal Gifs: Fish Kiss

fish gifs KISS kissing love romance water - 5999267072
Created by Unknown

Is That a Squirrel in Your Pocket or You Just Happy to See Me?

gifs critters squirrels - 8186530816
Created by Unknown

Such Grace! Such Finesse!

gifs FAIL stairs trip Cats clumsy fall - 6846843904
Created by Unknown

You're Mine Now, Dogs

petting gifs kangaroos - 8269491968
Created by anselmbe

Keep On Going, The Duck is Way Ahead

gifs water turtles critters - 8373699072
Created by anselmbe ( Via Cheezburger )

Who's Up for a Frolic?

gifs run doe deer field - 6865979904
Created by Unknown

I'm Gonna Getcha!

Babies gifs attack polar bears cute - 8125009920
Created by ani.s4 ( Via )

Dat Nose

porcupine gifs cute nose - 6943168256
Created by Unknown

Bear Cub's First Clam Dance

gifs bears critters cubs - 8284874240
Via We Shall Join Our Houses

Cat Loves The Brush

gifs cute love brushes Cats - 7380698368
Created by Unknown