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Apparently This is a Jird

cute gifs rodent what is it - 6513645824
Via Head Like An Orange

Baby Raccoon Eating Grapes

Babies gifs grapes critters raccoons - 8418359552
Via GIF Like

Cat and Baby

gifs interspecies baby friends nice Cats - 6565307392
By Unknown

Bowled Over

bowls wtf gifs Cats - 8539119616
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

GIF - That feeling when you hit the dance floor

Funny gif of a cat shaking his butt on the floor, getting ready to either pounce on something or have a dance off.
By beernbiccies

Otter Gets a Brain Freeze

Via Blazik

This Shark Cam Sneaks Up on a Great White

scary gifs surprise sharks animals - 8279951872
Via dusk_hero

Doggie Paddle?

pool water gifs wtf weird - 6705222912
By Unknown

It's Like a Painful Farce of a Ballet

gifs FAIL play Cats - 7082259968
By Unknown

X-Ray Rat

cool gifs rat shake - 6897657088
By Unknown

These Critters are Otterly Confusing!

confused gifs - 8179021824
By ani.s4 (Via


excited friend gifs happy mirror play - 6422649088
By GalderGollum

Never Trust a Singing Tree

gifs surprise Cats funny - 7974345728
By Unknown

lol u guise suck

dolphin gifs leave lol - 6576166144
By Unknown

Baby Mouse Eats a Flower

critters flowers gifs mice - 8248873728
By Unknown

Do You Mind? I'm A Little Busy Here!

doors gifs cute Cats - 8451771648
By mamawalker