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Summer Olympics Training Starts Meow

Gif of cat doing flips
Created by Unknown

These Taste Grape

gifs grapes puns critters raccoons - 8272701952
Created by Unknown

Penguin Baby Got No Time, Penguin Baby Got Places to Be!

Babies gifs penguins critters - 8417862144
Created by anselmbe
cute animal gifs that are just THAT cute. The cover gif is of a small cat padding at its water bowl while seemingly trying and failing to drink from it.

Simply the Cutest Animal Gifs That Will Force An Awwww Out of You

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Discretion is Definitely The Better Part of Valor

gifs stairs Cats - 8355239424
Created by beernbiccies

Part Turtle, Part Monster Truck

Via The Verge

What is That, a Leaf? I'll Take it!

critters gifs leaves goats - 8170648576
Created by Unknown

Oh Boy, I'm Happy to See You!

gifs running Cats - 8529187840
Created by anselmbe

Thirsty Cat Is Thirsty

Cute gif of a cat that is drinking alot of water on the floor of the shelter.
Created by Snake73 ( Via gifs )

Naptime Fail

gifs FAIL nap slip sleep Cats fall - 6766363648
Created by Unknown

Toucan Takes The Stairs

birds gifs stairs - 8176248832
Via Because Birds

Doug, You Got Something on Your Face

buds scratching gifs Cats - 8278999296
Created by jyonasan1957

He's a Man on a Mission

gifs birds creepy - 7111003904
Via Head Like An Orange

No Pictures, Please

llama ew gifs car gross spit - 6943164928
Created by Unknown

Do You Mind, I'm Trying to Be Alone Here - DOG GIF

Cute GIF of a dog just trying to have some alone time.
Created by Unknown

And I Was Like, "Oh No She Didn't!"

cute gifs puppies wiggle - 7954150400
Created by Unknown