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I Don't Think That Is How You Drink Milk

milk kitten bowl funny - 7588822784
Created by Leauxx

If I Drink it Fast Enough, it Won't Get on Me...

gifs water Cats funny - 8125999360
Via The Frogman

You Can Have the Rest

Cats gifs funny pancakes - 7936519168
Created by beernbiccies

The Surprise of Slow-Motion Attack!

slow motion gifs cute surprise Cats funny - 8183974656
Via anton5009

Still Good!

gifs bananas food noms funny - 8031615744
Created by Unknown


Cats gifs funny - 8104372480

I Got it! I Got it! Don't Got it...

miss catch gifs Cats funny - 7994180096
Created by Unknown

Data Tries to Understand Cats

cat Star Trek funny - 7462068736
Via Tumblr

The Hunter Strikes!

computer computer Cats Cats funny funny - 7752097280
Via Youtube

Toy Bites Back

gif cat scared funny - 7873263104

First Lesson in Humility

Babies gorilla gifs funny - 8116005120
Via Google

A Truly Valiant Effort

gifs red dot chase laser Cats funny - 7941617152
Created by Unknown

Scratching Cats

dj scratching funny - 7749364480
Via Smartestcats

Come at me, Bro...Never Mind!

lions lizards gif scared funny - 7863699200
Created by Unknown
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Crazy Dancing Seagulls

dancing wtf seagulls funny - 7592246272
Via Youtube