Animal Gifs

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Me? I'm not Dizzzzzzzyyyyyyohgodohgodohgod

GIF of a dog twisting his head in line with a camera, but the image is twist-corrected in order to appear very trippy.
Created by Unknown

Cat Defense System ENGAGE

funny GIF of a cat protecting his turf against an invading raccoon.
Created by Unknown

Yes, Can I help you?

gif of giraffe peeking into a house chopping carrots
Via eBaum's World
Giraffe sticks his neck out

What a Majestic -- Eeeeeeeeeeeew

GIF of a massive shark being watched by a group of caged divers, as they enjoy the magnificent creature, it gives out a cloud of poop with an encore about a second later. GO NATURE!
Created by Unknown

These Are The Only Beings Who Understand Me

GIF of a sad face-painted emo goth holding two cats, with the black one trying to scamper away
Created by Unknown

Please Gif A Little help?

Very cute gif of a kitten hanging from a blanket off the side of a bed.
Created by tamaleknight ( Via gif )

You Know The Feeling

Funny cat gif of that freak out feeling
Created by Unknown