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I ain't seeing no buffalo, but there sure as heck are a bunch of deer around here. One of the cutest, and surprisingly menacing creatures, at least to suburbia, is the deer. Don't let those doe eyes and bushy tails fool you, turn your head at the wrong time and your Rhododendrons are gone! So check out all this stash of deer products you won't be disappointed in, and forget about your lost gardening award.

Instant Regret

boxing deer gifs - 8243974912
Via AddictedReddit

Shy Deer

deer doe gifs hide and seek peek shy tree - 6516567040

Deer Eats Lollipop

gif treat deer - 8596769792
Created by ani.s4 ( Via )

Who's Up for a Frolic?

gifs run doe deer field - 6865979904

Playful Deer

deer water play friends gifs - 6652366336

A White Deer is Startled by Shedding its Antlers

deer gifs scared - 8229418496
Via Oddbadger

Deer Wants to Fly, Too

deer bird play gifs field jump wings - 6642493952

Saving Bambi

gifs critters fences deer - 8381620480
Created by AnimalRescues

Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard!

deer party hard funny - 7749505280

Dog and Deer

interspecies friends yard deer play wild - 6760002560

Deer Puddle Time

gifs deer playing - 7258838528
Via Mean Cutie


deer fake fly gifs wtf - 6433988352

Bambi Buddy

deer friend old timey - 5764313856

Now I've Seen Everything

friends cute deer Cats - 7456174080

Feeeeeeeels Sooooooo Goooooood

deer Feels Good Man gifs hands pet scratch scratching - 6044975616

Kate and Pippin are an Unlikely Duo

cute deer friends - 8019089664
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