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dancing bird

bird birds dance dancing gifs groove michael jackson slide - 6176356608
Created by Unknown
dancing list gifs critters Party animals - 174085

23 Dancing Animal GIFs Cause Life is Too Precious To Not Party With Animals

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This Panda is Raising The Roof

dancing panda gifs critters - 8407275264
Created by heeroyuymia

Line Dancing Horse

GIF of a dancing horse
Created by _C_A_T_

A Bird's Strut

birds critters dancing gifs snow - 8196138752

French Bulldog Boogying Down

Cute GIF of a funny bull-dog boogying down to some funky beats.

This Cat is a Big Michael Jackson Fan

dancing gifs michael jackson Cats - 8278871296
Created by catophile ( Via )

Happy Dance

dancing gifs geese critters - 8405279232
Created by anselmbe

When You Get Into a Trance From Music

dancing gifs critters - 8279641856
Via Bing

Crazy Dancing Seagulls

dancing wtf seagulls funny - 7592246272
Via Youtube

Next Year's Superbowl Better Involve Dancing Chickens

dancing gifs cute chickens - 8440749824
Created by Sylviag

Dancing Cat

dancing cat funny - 7518450688
Via Youtube

Marionettes & Kitties

Very funny cat GIF of a bunch of kittens and marionettes interacting and being hilarious.
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

This is a Good Song, Cat

animals dancing gifs Cats - 8350478592

Red Panda Rumpshaking

dancing gifs red pandas critters - 8405209856

Shake it!

Via Reddit