Animal Gifs


Sneak Attack!

attack critters funny sneaky - 8074253568
Created by Unknown

That's Enough Petting For Now

critters gifs pig - 8255216128
Via Bing

Albino Raven Busting a Moving

birds gifs critters - 8377800192
Created by anselmbe

Homer Keep Still, I'm Hungry

Via Brown Cardigan

Toilet Play

animals gifs critters raccoons toilets - 8350475008
Via Vayagif

Vampire Monkey

apes critters gifs yikes teeth - 8240448000
Created by anselmbe

Just a Gorilla Riding a Bike

WTF gif of a Gorilla riding a bicycle tho' it might be a person dressed as a gorilla. The gorilla and bike trip over toward the end of the gif.
Created by Iron-man01

This Owl Sums Up My Life Every Time Something Cool Happens When I'm Not Around

question gifs critters owls - 8319249408
Via poppzE

Feeling Otterly Faboulus

Cute animal GIF of an otter stretching adorably.
Created by anselmbe

Bird's Amazing Trick

birds critters gifs tricks toilet paper - 8453445888
Created by Unknown

I Don't Give a Hoot

Via Senor GIF

Our Neighbor is Crabby

waves gifs crabs critters - 8312282880
Created by anselmbe

Otter Water Slide

gifs water critters otters - 8548298496

Penguin Has a Solid Defense

critters gifs penguins sports soccer - 8413917696
Created by Unknown

Alright. Who's Cooking Bacon?

gifs critters cute - 8555557376
Created by mamawalker

Chameleon Hatchling

gifs critters - 7397147392
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )