Animal Gifs


Watch Your Step!

Gif of cat running into a step
Via tumblr

Shake Mah Face

Slow motion GIF of a cat shaking his head back and forth.
Created by Unknown

One Giant Leap by Cat Kind

cat awesome giant leap - 7670744320
Via Catleecious

Well Isn't This Ironic

gif cat shark fish - 7685904640
Created by Unknown

Nothing Can Stop Tank Cat!

cat tank funny - 7592455424
Via Gifak

Illusions, Shadows on the Wall

cat collision crash kitten play - 6256792320
Created by Unknown

You did what?

gif cat water - 8578042624
Created by anselmbe

I'm Safe!

gif cat - 7757603584
Via Tumblr

Thanks for the Massage. I Guess.

Awkward cat knead massage paws - 5879584768
Created by Unknown

Water? Why Thank You

cat water - 7720347648
Created by Unknown

You Walked Straight Into My Trap

box cat dark jerk trap - 5878623232
Created by Unknown

Gathering at the Table of Brotherhood

cat eat friends rat - 5676262144
Created by Unknown


bounce cat hop jump play toy - 6346071552
Created by Unknown

Only Mildly Unsettling

cat grumpy hang swing - 6201979392
Created by Unknown

Show Us Your Paws!

Gif slideshow of cat sleeping in various positions and on different surfaces.
Created by Snake73


carpet cat wtf - 5737952512
Created by Unknown