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Cat Gets the Royal Treatment

cat box funny - 7558659840
Via Tumblr

Maru Dive-Bomb

maru Cats box FAIL fall gifs - 6649260544
Created by dolf1nluvr ( Via )

Cat Logic

funny animal gif of cat picking box over scratching post
Via alxbngala

You Walked Straight Into My Trap

box cat dark jerk trap - 5878623232
Created by Unknown

Wonder What's In There...

basement cat box Cats dark eyes gifs - 6433952512
Created by Unknown

What's On Loki's Mind?

box boxes cat Cats gifs jump maru think - 6344909056
Created by Unknown

Pups in a Box!

gifs box puppies cute play - 7039447040
Created by Unknown


box face fat gifs hamster stuck - 6390330624
Created by Unknown

Up An' Over

box FAIL fall jump maru small - 6296654336
Created by Unknown

JD's Prescription

best of the week box gifs kitten play - 6275984384
Created by Unknown

Look At The Prize I Found In The Cereal Box!

box Cats gifs if it fits play - 6417254656

Cat Palace

cat box play - 8552608512
Created by ani.s4 ( Via )

Suddenly Maru!

gif jump box maru Cats - 7074625536
Created by Unknown

If It Doesn't Fit, I'm Still Gonna Sit

box Cats FAIL if it fits jump small - 6613145088
Created by Unknown

Soon Enough.

gifs lazy box rest Cats - 6977765120
Created by Unknown


gifs slide box stairs Cats trick - 7022896640
Created by Unknown
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