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Don't be a baby, unless your mine. Then it's a different story. These juvenile posts will have you gooing and gaaing all day long.

Gifs of cute baby animals doing what they do best - be cute. The cover photo is of a baby hedgehog with his face in the floor

Ready To Squee? Baby Animals Are Truly The Best

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Now That's a Real Sheep Dog!

baby cute bottle gifs lamb feed - 7957019648
Created by beernbiccies

Oh, So THATS My Fin

baby cute seal squee - 6331398912
Via Head Like An Orange

Run! The Squee Is Too Much To Survive!

gif of jurassic park scene where chicks replace dinosaurs
Via MemeW


accident baby bucket buckets fall gifs sloth sloths whoops - 6279504896
Via Head Like An Orange

Feels Good, Man

baby cub gifs polar bear rub scratch - 6450333184
Created by Unknown

Happy Little Rhino

baby rhino cute happy - 7538041600
Via San Diego Zoo

Blop Blop Blop

baby bat - 7733068800
Via Tumblr

Baby! Baby!

baby bed friend gifs jump - 6478198272
Created by Unknown

Two Cute Cubs

baby cute gifs lick tiger - 6458877952
Created by Unknown

Baby Koalas: The Squee-est of Them All

gifs baby cute koala squee - 7093950720
Created by Unknown

Cat and Baby

gifs interspecies baby friends nice Cats - 6565307392
Created by Unknown

Good Stretch

baby cat cute exercise kitten stretch - 5806926848
Created by Unknown

Sleepy Sloth

baby sleepy sloth - 5733202432
Created by Unknown


baby bird chicks goose - 5795805952
Created by Unknown

My Kind of Wrestling

Cute gif of a puppy that is wrestling with a little toddler about half his size.
Via gif