Animal Gifs


Maru Dive-Bomb

maru Cats box FAIL fall gifs - 6649260544
By dolf1nluvr (Via

It Isn't in everybody

FAIL Gif of a dog running to catch a Frisbee and crashing into a wooden fence.
By anselmbe

So Graceful

FAIL gifs fall - 8472571392
By anselmbe

My cat is not too smart

cat FAIL funny - 7456749056
By Snow
Funny GIFs of animals and falling - no animals were hurt in any of these GIFs

13 Gifs Of Animal Fails That Are As Funny As They Are Adorable

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One Reason The Rhino is Endangered

whoops FAIL gifs sad but true rhinos - 8503126784
By Unknown

Trust Fall

Via Bing

Not a Good Baby Sitter

critters FAIL fall gifs horses - 8258031104
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)


bite FAIL fall puppy - 6368490752
By Unknown

Prolonged Cat Fail

cat Cats FAIL fall falling oops Reach slow table - 6249782016
By Unknown

Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed

gifs counter FAIL tail kitchen dumb crawl fall - 7017001472
By Unknown

No, Little Buddy, Nooo!

panda baby FAIL fall gifs catch squee - 6683884800
By Unknown

He Totally Meant to Do That

Cats FAIL crash table play toy slide - 6680815872
By Unknown

Alley OOP

Cats FAIL fence gifs jump - 6430872576
By Unknown

You Scared the Bejeesus Outta Me!

red panda shock FAIL zoo surprise fall - 6812577536
By Unknown

Keep Trying

gifs FAIL puppy up cute - 6689478400
By PetePete