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Funny GIF of a cat trying and failing to climb up a pillow.
Created by Unknown

You Scared the Bejeesus Outta Me!

red panda shock FAIL zoo surprise fall - 6812577536
Created by Unknown

Sloth and Friend

cuddle FAIL fall friend gifs hug sloth squee - 5972196864
Created by Unknown

Crime Doesn't Pay

steal gifs FAIL theft Cats thief - 6741536512
Created by Unknown

Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed

gifs counter FAIL tail kitchen dumb crawl fall - 7017001472
Created by Unknown
Best animals gifs collected from all around the internet of animals doing ridiculous and hilarious things. The cover photo is of a rabbit having a stare down with a seemingly menacing kitten in its diminutive size

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box boxes cat Cats chihuahua FAIL gifs jump jumping - 6346070528
Created by Unknown

Just One More Step to Freedo...Dangit

bucket FAIL funny freedom turtles - 8030519552
Created by Unknown

Ferret Gets Himself Stuck Behind Door

doors whoops FAIL gifs ferrets critters - 8459212032
Created by Unknown

Jerk Goat

cute FAIL fall gifs goat jerk - 6472303616
Created by Unknown

Watch Your Step!

Gif of cat running into a step
Via tumblr


gifs FAIL tortoise turtle fall - 6738465792
Created by Unknown

Just Beyond Reach

balloon cat FAIL Reach - 5689124608
Created by Unknown

I meant to do that

FAIL gifs penguins fall - 7074138624
Created by emiliabeth

Trust Fall

Via Bing

But Pink Is So HEAVY

costume FAIL gifs Cats fall - 8425878528
Created by mamawalker