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Do you hear that? Or is it just the wind. The wind can carry more than just a cool breeze. It can throw dirt and sand in your eyes and ensure if you're downwind of the wrong cow pasture, you'll know it. So be wary of the zephyr and laugh away your strife with some windy laughs.

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It's Surprising This Little Guy Doesn't Get Blown Away!

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Dogs Battling Wind, a Tale as Old as Cars

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Trust Me, You Look Like Models This Way

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Nothing Like A Breeze on the Ear Flaps

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Easy Breezy

Funny picture of someone who is walking two dogs in the wind as is clear from the way their fur is billowing from the strong breeze.
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Well, I'm Dry...Now What do I do About All This Sand?

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A Breath of Fresh Air

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Wind In Dog's Face Compilation

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Wishful Thinking

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Good Advice

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This is better

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South to southwest

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Next time

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Happy Sundog!

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Goggie ob teh Week: Faster, Faster!

car fast goggie ob teh week great dane wind window - 4843289344
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Goggie ob teh Week: Borzoi Has a Mean Lean

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