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Dog masters the art of herding a Roomba | gallusrostromegalus So one my neighbors has lawn Roomba or whatever they're called, and this thing trundles around looking like background robot background original trilogy, and ABSOLUTELY BAFFLING DOGS. They have concluded think s some kind prey animal because right after this video ended they decided crouch down and stalk which means 90% sure going have stop Arwen eating at some point.

Tumblr Thread: Dog Masters The Art Of Herding A Roomba

Arwen's got a bright future.
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collection of dog memes thumbnail includes two pictures including a dog reaching its paw through some hole 'Dog - when you can't reach the last pringle ehinon reign' and a dog lying in a suitcase 'Pomeranian - Friend: It's a short trip pack only what you need Me:'

Doggo Memes Are Pawsitively Fetching

In case you're having a ruff week, here's some dog memes!
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cute pugs doing their thing and being adorable in the process

15 Tumblr Posts About Pugs That You Just Can't Miss

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tumblr posts funny dogs cute dogs dog memes funny dog memes - 6036997

15 Tumblr Posts About Dogs That Are Impawsibble To Miss

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corgi dog memes

15 Tumblr Posts About Corgis That Are Just Too Cute To Miss

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excited dog greeting owner after missing him for a year

15 Funny Posts About Dogs That Are Unfurgettable

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Dogs Rule Cats Drool

Cats cat people tumblr - 8750282496
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Snow Magic

tumblr post of dog in snow for first time
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When Dogs And Dog Owners Look Alike

tumblr post of dog who looks like owner
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Back To Reality

tumblr post of sad dog after that holidays
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Puppy Snuggie

photo of a small dog in a snuggie for the cold
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Great Scott! I Mean Dane!

tumblr post of great dane resting head on owner
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Who Is Your Pawlebrity Lookalike?

tumblr post dog who looks like harrison ford
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What A Cute Helper

photo of dog helping hang ornaments on christmas tree
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The Financing Math Was All Wrong Too

tumblr of cute dog behind counter at office
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Ombre Puppies

tumblr post of puppies that says when your puppy printer runs out of ink
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