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Whaddaya Mean, I'm Adopted?

animals surprised adopted - 8348894464
Created by beernbiccies

But I Love the Perfume!

surprised unaware - 8170866432
See all captions Created by signet02

Yeah...I Meant to do That...

surprised snow winter - 8086921216

This Isn't What it Looks Like!

Babies snuggle funny surprised - 8031628800

Last time I put mai muneez in dat gumball muchine!

best of the week boston terrier cat kitten omg shocked surprised what is that - 5135395584
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u'd tink

confused expectations now pancake puppy shiba inu surprised think - 4899455232
See all captions Created by catboy9000

I warned you...

boxer pug shocked surprised - 4900147968
See all captions Created by TinkerTerror


australian shepherd cat do not want freaked out hat head mixed breed realization scared surprised - 4867359488
See all captions Created by tess3397


best of the week boxer coffee derpface do not want Hall of Fame mixed breed shocked surprised - 4823498240
See all captions Created by nena171969

I ees adopted?

adopted disbelief pit bull pitbull question Sad shocked surprised - 4799568128
See all captions Created by phaminator

teh mop growed

cat confused legs maltese mop noms sniffing surprised upset - 4775797504
See all captions Created by tessiegirl

humans are weird that way

costume do not want dressed up humans mixed breed papillon surprised upset - 4778125312
See all captions Created by Winnie-Wonka

Oh god...

cannot german shepherd horrified shocked surprised unsee - 4743691776
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Can't believe

bath believe border collie cant cat surprised - 4719602432
See all captions Created by JessiG


confused dont puppy remember sleep surprised toy waking up whatbreed woah - 4612574208
See all captions Created by AngelAndz

My Goodness,

cat condition examining labrador surprised terrible third upside down - 4612706048
See all captions Created by DragonWolfe
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