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funny dogs got stuck

14 Stuck Dogs That Need a Hand

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krazy glu? what krazy glu?

glue nose pug stuck tongue - 3109767936
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butt do not want mess poop still stuck terrier toilet paper whatbreed - 4800327936
See all captions Created by heyman

Hey, that's what Mondays are for!

things stuck never traffic - 8742203904
See all captions Created by Emerald63

If You Fits, You Party Hardy!

animals stalker stuck Party Cats - 8578921216
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It's Not Only Cats That Like Boxes, You Know

animals back to the future box stuck - 8577326336
Created by heyman

Don't Remove My tiny Plastic Heaven Helmet

doberman pinscher head love peanut butter stuck - 2507672832
See all captions Created by BadXhampill

Man's Best Friend Not Feeling the Love Reciprocated

BFFs fence stuck help rude - 8463934720
See all captions Created by beckysdad

The Drive for Internet Fame Can Be Overwhelming

animals box help stuck - 8447543808
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Fitting and Sitting is a Skill

animals box stuck lab if i fits i sits - 8444736768
See all captions Created by jadzia23

Gonna Need a Little Help Here

stuck hide - 8442404864
See all captions Created by sandyra

I Got Nip and Bacon

animals drugs stuck couch hide - 8440589056
See all captions Created by supabaws

Big Bone, Little Door

bone gifs bulldog stuck - 8439425280
Via www.ohmagif.com

Dang Stuck Zipper!

pug stuck - 7319021568
See all captions Created by jennybookseller

Just get Me Down Human

animals help stuck - 8393879040
See all captions Created by Creepermoo1

Of Course the Cat Said Nothing this Morning

Awkward stuck teeth - 8371454464
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