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Dogs in funny sitting positions

25 Funny Dogs That Can't Figure Out How To Sit

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You can't keep a good cat down.

down good lolcats newfoundland on sitting squish - 3018368256
See all captions Created by zaywop
floof vine sitting bucket Video - 79806209

If a Floof Fits, She Sits

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Dogs are People Too

couch imitation mixed breed news people shepherd sitting - 3884747520
See all captions Created by anti-war94

The Light is Green Human

car ride sitting - 8340614656
Via oldgitsfunnies

You Really Think I'm Gonna Sit on...the Ground?!

funny playground sitting - 8180411136
Via Brostrodamus

What do you THink You're Doing?

couch funny sitting - 7892374784
See all captions Created by Desilee

I'm a Bad Dog...

bad dog sitting what breed guilty - 7055931392
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

All Dogs Are Lap Dogs

captions chair great dane if i fits i sits lap dogs mommy sitting woman - 6489621760
See all captions Created by alexisvaness

Kiddie Seat

kid sit sitting what breed - 6279688960
See all captions Created by ibkc_lover

Goggie GIF: U look liek a sit

best of the week boston terrier cat gifs Hall of Fame sitting - 6307968256

But iz a gud driber!

best of the week car cars drive driving Hall of Fame human-like Sad sitting what breed - 6199010816
See all captions Created by MallardVHS

Crazy & Lazy

chair chairs crazy golden retriever human-like lazy sitting - 6152919296
See all captions Created by worksucks

Why, yez.

alcohol chair drinking shiba inu sitting table whatbreed wine - 5772986624
See all captions Created by Puglover62

Goggie ob teh Week: Tall and Proud

goggie ob teh week good dog grass outdoors schipperke sit sitting - 5659070464
Via Schipperkeringen

Cyoot Puppeh ob teh Day: Break Time!

break cyoot puppeh ob teh day leash pit bull pitbull sitting whatbreed - 5555161856
Via Cameron Parkins
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