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U Deside: Teh Goggie Breed ob teh Week!

bull terrier corgi goggie ob teh week poll rottweiler shih tzu u deside - 5336629504

OK, now tries to read da 5th line of da eye-chart

covering eye line reading rottweiler sight test try two - 4187411200
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vine rottweiler funny Video derp - 80761345

Wow, What a Vicious Rottweiler!

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rottweiler chickens bunny Video - 80212481

Bunny and Rottweiler Play Around as Chickens Watch

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funny gimme Hall of Fame mine mixed breed noms rottweiler sandwich stealing toddler Video - 11871489

Goggie stealing a sandwich

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cute kids singing Video rottweiler - 62121473

This Dog and Little Girl Sing the Most Adorable Duet!

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kitten rottweiler - 7732916992
deer rottweiler Video - 49939969

This Rottweiler Has Made a New Friend

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Just barely...

lap dogs if i fits i sits rottweiler smile - 6928713728
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Goggie Gif: Goggie Bridge

gifs cuddles chihuahua rottweiler bridge - 6997490944

You shouldn't even try

guard dog rottweiler gate you shall not pass - 6813347840

Gaurdian Goggie Statue

statue tongue rottweiler lion gaurd dog - 6729081600
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Cyoot Puppy ob teh day: Iz About 2 B Eats!

cyoot funny puppy ob teh day rottweiler - 5989513728
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Da Litllest Bully

best of the week cupcake demand Hall of Fame puppy rottweiler threat - 5963263232
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Puppy No! U Don No Abaout Klawz Yet!

cat cyoot funny gifs puppy rottweiler - 5957704192

Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: How Come Yooz Nawt Skeered?

best of the week cyoot funny Hall of Fame puppy rottweiler - 5923056896
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