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You Have to Own Your Work

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Don't Just Stand There, Open The Door!

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You Know I Always Pee on the Right!

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Quick! Put it on the Newspaper!

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I'm Doing My Part! Now You do Yours!

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Desperate Times Call for Desperately Chilly Measures

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Created by Chris10a

It's Liquid Gold to Those Guys

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Tulip Fields Bring all Kinds of Happiness

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I Accept Your Challenge, Human!

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Are You Asking for a Challenge?!

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He's Got Attitude

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Lift Those Legs!

photobomb pee exercise funny - 7607751680
Created by markgrant ( Via Chris Rubin )

Don't Look in the Basement

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Considerate Puppy Pees With Consideration

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You Mean the Yard?

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Created by xyzpdq1

I'd Say We're Even!

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