I Has A Hotdog


Time to take the dog to the park. Or the kid, or maybe even just yourself. Time to smell some fresh air and dodge frisbees and footballs as you try to find a nice quiet spot. So find your happy place with these turfed-up puns and jokes just for you.

Won't Make That Mistake Again

puppies park caption trouble - 8804775168
Created by HokieGirl74

Dog Park or Bust!

car park driving caption - 8792773888
See all captions Created by Suzi_sMom

Dog Plays Dead so It Doesn't Have to Leave the Park

Via buzzfeed_journalist

How Am I Supposed To Update My Status Now?!

animals park fire hydrant facebook caption - 8751625216
See all captions Created by MuttMeat


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See all captions Created by allison.camerondicker

This is What I Think of Your Pet Area!

rules park signs - 8228488704
Via jaidefinichon

Man's Best Wingman

flirting cute park dating - 8138573056
Via Dump a Day

A Dog's Solution for Everything

park solution - 8090960640
Created by Unknown

Gotta Follow the Rules...

FAIL poop park signs - 7985089792
Created by Unknown

What Exactly Are Planning, You Sneaky Human?

corgis human puppies park vet - 7919371008
Created by Unknown

Good Thing We Took the Sports Car

patience park play hurry - 7894140928
Created by brookie1221 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

And You Make Me Run After It All the Time...

fetch ball park funny - 7634225664
See all captions Created by Chris10a


best of the week border collie Hall of Fame park vet - 6031085056
See all captions Created by Childish_Antics

Happy Sundog!

ball balloon dachshund grass harness park pink play Sundog - 4806103552
See all captions Created by ingopixel

C'mon Guize! Itz Walkies Tiems!

bench feet park pug relax walk - 4798724864
Via hellyeshappydogs.tumblr.com


amused chihuahua do want excited fun park puppy ride teacup tiny - 4443641344
See all captions Created by frickaline
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