I Has A Hotdog


Now I Know Why it Ran Away!

costume lamb what breed - 6969758208
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My Friend's Lamb Thinks it's a Puppy

puppy confused lamb - 8460464896
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australian shepherd lamb Video i have no idea what im doing - 68497665

This Lamb is Pretty Sure it's Actually a Dog

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dalmatian adoption lamb - 64750593

Orphaned Spotted Lamb Adopted by Dalmatian Dog

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cute doberman lamb Video - 50368001

Loving Doberman Meets a Lamb

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greyhound lamb Video - 50080769

Italian Greyhounds Are Best Friends with a Little Lamb

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Don't Count the Sheep

bottle golden retriever lamb sheep - 6491338752
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Don't be sheepish

bottle captions golden retriever helping lamb nursing sheep - 6494576640
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Goggie ob teh Week: Gentle Shepard

goggie ob teh week lamb maremma sheepdog - 6257403904
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One more "Lamb of Dog" joke

boxer funny lamb - 5989917440
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y no

bed kisses lamb no pajamas pug question sleeping stuffed animal tucked in why - 4683650560
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blending in coat floofy great pyrenees lamb puppy sheep themed goggie week white - 4465607168
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Kan I keeps him?

adoption begging can i keep him cute lamb question - 4003185408
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