I Has A Hotdog


The cutest playground break

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jump Video cookies - 77457921

Someone Wants Some Cookies

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+ 1 for the effort

gif FAIL jump play - 8578205440
Created by anselmbe
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recursion yo dawg jump Video - 70681601

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Jumping Dogs...

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jump jack russell terrier Video horse - 70120193

Jack Russel Wrangles a Noble Steed

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Do You Trust Me?

do-you-trust-me cute dog gifs
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pug FAIL jump crash Video - 69192705

Oscar the Pug Badly Misjudges a Log Leap

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jump puppies french bulldogs cute Video - 59639809

First Leap of Faith!

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Well...You Got it Half Right

FAIL jump gifs water tricks - 8058075904
Created by Unknown

You Knock me Off my Feet

Joy jump amazing happy - 7765438720
See all captions Created by Bre

Don't Hold Back

inspiration jump sprinkler cute - 7816169472
See all captions Created by Sissy
jump awesome tricks Video - 52296449

The Amazing Jumpy

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Hoomin Jumped Right Out of His Clothes

jump woof - 7311489024
See all captions Created by beckysdad
jump TV bark - 49088001

Jump on My TV Will Ya....

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jump awesome Video - 49060097

Jumpy the Amazing Stunt Dog

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