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Weekly Treats: Animal Tweets (August 24th, 2020)

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cute animals, dog memes, funny dogs | Dog - Seeing friends upload pictures them partying but none them invited will remember this Jerks eFluffyPloasso Yall fake have other friends anyway | Dog -  there's deep rage burning inside but gotta act nice coz u at work

20 Chihuahua Memes That Are Too Funny Not To Laugh At

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memes of pets with that look of betryal

The Ultimate and Adorable Looks Of Betrayal (18 Memes)

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funny call out posts by dog owners

Dog Owners Are Hilariously Giving Their Dogs A Healthy Dose Of Honesty

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angry cat hilarious trap trick vet what breed - 6482925056
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Damn right he's funny

bulldog hilarious puppy - 5972153856
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Oh Grumpy Cat U so hilarious

cat Grumpy Cat happy dog hilarious husky laugh laughing - 5671543296

No want to be a 'treiber

clever funny golden retriever hilarious no thanks Owl puppy when I grow up - 5555547904
Created by NCcharmer

of course, i'm very funny. i have a hilarious sense of humor. i really crack myself up, sometimes.

funny hilarious humor laugh mixed breed mutt - 5554543872
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Yeah, hilarious.

corgi costume dressed up favorite hilarious location question shoes where - 4873512192
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