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Floof Gets a Fabulous Booty Trim

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When You Ask for a Trim but the Hairdresser Wants to Try Something New

husky with a bad haircut lol
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When You're Trying to Eavesdrop at the Hair Salon

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Just A Little Off The...Body

funny animal image of dog with crazy haircut
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list Square haircut circle trend weird - 474629

There's A New Trend in Taiwan For Giving Dogs Perfectly Square Haircuts

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haircut ridiculous Video - 70328321

Be Careful When You Ask Your Groomer for the 'Lion Cut'

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Should I Get a Hard Part?

eyes fur haircut hidden long shihtzu - 2593389568
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The Cat Was Only Pretending to be on Nip

haircut Party passed out shaved whatbreed - 2380964096
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A Little Summer Trim

haircut cute Before And After - 8281254656
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Now We Have Two!

whoops haircut - 8101315584
Created by Kyler_Cheez

It Started with One Uneven Spot...

FAIL haircut - 7986761984

I'm Not Sure That's the Help She Meant

yorkie haircut help - 7165728512
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Shaggy Grandpa

eyebrows Grandpa haircut shaggy sheepdog - 6513980416
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laf all uz wants

chinese crested couch haircut looking good style - 4210807808
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angle boxer confirmation confirming haircut head just saying mean nope puppy - 4343002112
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blue heeler fashion genius groomer haircut insulting looking good mean mixed breed new picking on poodle sarcasm style - 3978969600
See all captions Created by Chris10a
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