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golden retriever

barking golden retriever funny Video - 79916289

This Funny Golden Only Barks When He Wants Attention and Rubs

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stairs puppy golden retriever Video - 79291137

Golden Puppy Tries to Get His Bunny Down the Stairs

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Umm, I Was Just Sitting Here and Then the Bed Exploded...

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instagram winter frozen golden retriever Video - 78151681

When You Leave Your Favorite Thing Outside in Winter..

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stubborn lazy couch golden retriever Video - 78003713

It's Winter and This Stubborn Golden Retriever Knows Where the Comfiest Spot is to Hibernate

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The Good Life

funny animal image of dog
Via elliot tebele

The Lord Tweedmouth- Lord of the Golden Retriever

funny animal image of ridiculous name of man who first bred golden retrievers
Via Jamison Hermann

Good Try Buddy, Good Try

gif play golden retriever - 8574049024
Created by tamaleknight

Can I Drinks From Da Quiddich Cup?

cute animal image of puppy dressed up like gryffindor
Via theblessedone

Who Is Your Pawlebrity Lookalike?

tumblr post dog who looks like harrison ford
Via Jack Routers

What A Cute Helper

photo of dog helping hang ornaments on christmas tree
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Silver Linings

cute photo of dog with cone laying with kitten
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belly rubs golden retriever Video - 76509953

I Demand More Belly Rubs!

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Simba? You Look Different Than In The Movies

Gif of dog dressed as lion
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puppies golden retriever Video - 76468225

The Puppies Just Keep Coming

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puppy howling golden retriever sleeping Video - 76032001

Dreaming of Gnarles Bark-ley

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